6 tips on how to crack a telephonic job interview

6 tips on how to crack a telephonic job interview
The first step to have a perfect telephonic conversation is to talk with confidence. There is more beyond your communication skill, it is your attitude and your calm nature. Here are some practical tips to crack the telephonic interview:

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Fix up an appropriate time and day for the interview, one that is convenient for both parties. Find a quiet room to answer your interview. Priorities your time, make sure you are not interrupted by any family issues at that moment.

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Charge your cell phone before you start the interview. Also, ensure that cellular connectivity is good and there is no chance of call drops or your voice breaking while you're talking to the interviewer. If connectivity is an issue, it is better to take the discussion over a landline.

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Dress up for the interview even if it is telephonic. If you're lounging around in your pajamas while answering crucial questions over the telephone, the casualness of the whole set-up is bound to creep into your approach and interview etiquette, making you sound indifferent, unprofessional or disinterested. Your voice is the sole judging tool your interviewer has and sounding disinterested is a sure shot way of losing the opportunity. Smart work clothes will do just as well.

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Keep your CV ready before you begin with the interview. An interviewer may ask you a specific question related to your resume. Having the CV handy will make it easy to refer when required. However, ensure that you do not make rustling noises while you refer to the CV. Also, keep a pen and note-pad handy, in case you need to jot down a few points. You don't want to be rushing around, searching for writing material while giving your interview!

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Speak slowly and crisply, enunciating each word clearly. Your main focus should be in getting across your points lucidly and intelligently. This is even more imperative if you're giving the interview to a person from foreign shores, since pronunciations differ vastly in different countries. Also, remember to smile while answering questions. This injects a note of warmth in your tone, making your interviewer respond in a like manner.

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Nothing could be more unwelcoming than listening to an interviewee make excuses for performance/behavior and blame it on co-workers/boss in an attempt to showcase victimization. Also, when an interviewee does so they are irregularities in the statement which are detrimental to their chances of getting selected for the job.

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